Aquatic Environment Ventures

Introduces the water world by conducting courses based on water activities which are open to all who qualify entrance conditions. Placid as well as wild water of mountain rivers are the medium of instruction. Skills and techniques required for safe Watermanship are emphasized.

1 : Watermanship

Adventure with water as the main element. River and lake environment is utilized to impart basic skills of watermanship. Canoes, Kayaks and Rafts are used. Instructions include rowing and paddling, boat and sail navigation. Safety and life saving procedures are taught. Participants must know basic swimming. Open to Children of 11-14 years.

2 : River Running

Exploring the desert terrain and experiencing desert travel on camels and learning desert craft, navigation and survival techniques. Open to youth aged 16 years and above.

3 : Life Guard

Designed to the syllabus of instruction for lifeguards laid down by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) to which the Foundation is affiliated and represents it in Pakistan. Open to all aged 18 years and above. Must be a good swimmer.

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