Adventure Foundation Pakistan

Adventure Foundation Pakistan (AFP) is a not for profit, outdoor educational Foundation, and was registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Ordnance 1961, as a tax exempt NGO, in the year 1980. . Adventure Foundation Pakistan is the pioneer outdoor education Organisation, dedicated to the children and youth of Pakistan. The central philosophy of Adventure Foundation Pakistan was inspired by the principals of Outward Bound . The founder of AFP, Brig Jan Nadir Khan, set himself an arduous and challenging task to help young people defy limitations, build resilience, through learning and adventure in the outdoors and wilderness. He believed in challenging young people to never give up, to change their perspective and learn the most important lesson: to believe in themselves. This became the heart and soul of Adventure Foundation Pakistan, the pioneer in outdoor education, Pakistan . The emphasis on Character Building of young people ,through challenging outdoor experiential learning, became the main stay of the Mission Statement of Adventure Foundation Pakistan What do we stand for:

What do we stand for!

Our Mission is to foster and enhance character building in young people through experiential learning in the outdoors and interaction with Nature.

  • Extending self-awareness through purposeful venture in outdoor situations.
  • Expanding capacity for responding to others by organized group activities.
  • Enhancing environmental awareness to perceive and identify our national heritage by conducting outings in the wilderness.
  • Create an attitude to participate in action oriented form learning.
  • Developing physical fitness by continued exposure to outdoor activities.

How do we do this

Opening on a year round schedule from its centres and schools participants are offered wide scope of orgaBeing an outdoor man himself the Founder of AFP , Brig Jan Nadir Khan realized way back in 1976 , that it was imperative for ,"young people to enter into the University of nature and learn from hands on experience of the essential elements.
​The natural world is a giant, open ended laboratory. Children are innate scientists and love to experience the sights, scents, sounds and textures of the outdoors. Interacting with natural environments allows young people to learn by doing and experiment with ideas . Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, enquiry and make hypothesis...thereby developing inquisitive minds. They take risks, try and fail and try again and gain resilience and confidence.
Pakistan’s incomparable terrain and natural diversity. ranging from high Alpine environment of mighty Karakoram , Hindukush and Himalayas in the north to the arid deserts of Cholistan and Thar and the sea coast in the south. Lush green meadows, deep forests, cold tumbling streams and large rivers, beautiful lakes and rich historical and cultural background, all provide a perfect syllabus for the outdoor classrooms for the eager young minds, to interact with, explore, discover and learn from the wonders of our rich natural and cultural heritage and above all to respect Nature and understand Mans relationship to it..
Through the generosity of our donors , supporters and sponsor AFP is able to run adventurous and challenging outdoor learning programmes that take the young people on a self discovery journey , impelling them to undertake challenges and adventure that require great personal effort and commitment. In doing so AFP allows young people to develop valuable personal, social and emotional skills for education work and life, while also becoming more confident, more effective at school, college , and the workplace, more ethical in their day to day dealings, more environmentally knowledgeable and more caring and responsible citizens of the global community. In addition to our work with the young people AFP also delivers training and professional development programmes for the corporate world . These programmes are an investment of time and effort that holistically and experientially evolve one’s understanding of the mechanics involved in team development and leadership. "No person is an island,"on our programmes and together with their teams the participants are able to achieve greatness through effectively discovering talents and resources within themselves and empowering others to assume responsibility and develop life skills : such as peer leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, goal-setting, and clear and honest communication, collaboration, interpersonal awareness, determination and steadfastness.nized activities to serve a definite purpose of offering much needed opportunities to the youth to promote their self-expressions through adventure and:

How it all began

Brig Jan Nadir Khan drew his inspiration from the German educationalist Kurt Hahn who along with naval captain Laurence Holt , had founded Outward Bound in 1941. At this time They provided training for young and inexperienced sailors who were drafted into the navy in World War 11, helping them to prepare the tough life at sea , showing them how to survive if they were ship wreaked Brig Jan had the well tried and tested road map before him and he drew up a group for four young boys between the ages 12 to 15 years, from his family and friends, to experience and test, first hand, the theory and Principle set by Kurt Hahn. The year was 1968 and an outward bound expedition was planned by Brig Jan from DADAR to KAWAI , who was then a young Army officer,.under the banner of Services Karakorum Society. It was a remarkable feat for the young boys to have performed. They covered 108 miles of walking in 8 days, averaging 13.5 miles a day. One one occasion exceeding 20 miles in one day. Climbing two peaks of 13200 ft and 12700 ft . At the end expedition, Brig Jan Nadir Khan noted that the achievements of this journey are to be rightfully proud of adding that, “ they have learnt, I hope, to appreciate and love Mother Nature in all its moods, and will return, no doubt, some other time, to put their all, on the high roads of Adventure”. The founder of AFP was not going to settle for any thing less than what Dr. Kurt Hahn, the Founder of Outward Bound had to say,” There is more to us than we know, If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” The seedling of this idea was planted by the founding President, and was nurtured and nourished by other like minded members and this sapling that was cared for with a lot of love and commitment , finally grew into a big tree, with its branches reaching out to the young people in schools all over the country.. And in 1980 the Outdoor Education Programme of AFP , the first of its kind in Pakistan, came into being.

The Purpose

To provide youth the means to develop their character in close contact with nature; to get to know and love their country and participate in meaningful practical learning; and to develop community spirit by working together.

Who can Participate?

Organized activities are open to all who are keen to romp in the great outdoors and seek adventure. However, it will be necessary first to enroll as a member of the Foundation. Minimum age is 10 years. There is no upper limit.

Our Headquarter

AFP has offices in islamabad and is headquatered at mangal. This also acts as the base camp of all activities, mangal has a meeting area, residential area and activity and training area. it is situated 20 minutes from Abottabad.